Firmware Updates Due to Gmail SMTP Change

July 27, 2016

Valued Customers:

Google Gmail has recently discontinued support of SSL encryption.  This has had adverse effects on products in various industries that use their outgoing mail feature for email alerts. The following link describes their change in greater detail:

Because Hikvision is committed to providing safe and effective solutions to our customers, we have updated our products’ firmware to resolve these recent compatibility issues with Gmail. Firmware updates can be found at this link:


                 Firmware Release Schedule to Resolve Gmail Compatibility

Product LineModelsDate AvailableFirmware Version
v 3.4.21
DS-7716NI-SPNowv 3.4.21
DS-96xxNI-RTNowv 3.4.21
DS-90xxHF(W)I-STNowv 3.4.21
DS-96xxNI-XTNowv 3.4.21
E series NVRDS-76xxNI-Ex(/P)Nowv 3.4.21
Turbo DVRDS-72xx/73xx/90xxHGHI/HQHI-SHNowv 3.1.13
IP CameraIPC fixed camerasNowv 5.4.0

Once firmware for your DVR, NVR, or camera interface unit has been updated, please change your port for your outgoing mail notifications from port 465 to port 587.  Also verify SSL is checked.   This will establish TLS encryption.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you for your patience as we ensure that our compatibility with Gmail operates smoothly. If you have any questions, please email our technical support team at or call 909-612-9039.

Thank you,

Hikvision Technical Support Team