E-bülten Kayıt

Koyuncu Elektronik A.S.

Tel: +90 216 528 8888

E-mail: bilgi@koyuncu.com.tr

Websitesi: www.koyuncu.com.tr

Koyuncu Elektronik A.S. is a nationwide IT,CE, Security and mobile communications devices authorized distributor in Turkey. Koyuncu Elektronik A.S. has always been among “Top 500 companies” in the country.

Tesan Iletisim A.S.

Tel: +90 212 454 60 00

E-mail: pazarlamayonetim@tesan.com.tr

Websitesi: www.tesan.com.tr

TESAN Iletisim A.S is a leading valueadded technology distributor in Turkey. Trusted by its partners since 1983,TESAN ranks among Turkey’s top 50 ICT companies. TESAN’s sales channelconsists of 600+ system integrators all over the country for it’s security andnetwork solutions and it has 16.000+ sales points in 10+ countries for it’sconsumer electronics products.