E-bülten Kayıt

Batu Savunma A.S.

Tel: +90 216 594 7785

E-mail: info@batusavunma.com

Websitesi: www.batusavunma.com

Batu Savunma A.S. is a newly established technology company which one of the Batu group of companies.Batu group of companies is the leader in the Turkish logistic market. Now group would like to use their experience and financial power together for serving security camera and weak current solutions much effective.

Batu Savunma A.S. aims to produce solutions for Turkish government institutions rather than the consumer market.Batu Savunma A.S. will be one of the strongest partners of Haikon in Turkey with strong contacts and big projects.

Koyuncu Elektronik A.S.

Tel: +90 216 528 8888

E-mail: bilgi@koyuncu.com.tr

Websitesi: www.koyuncu.com.tr

Koyuncu Elektronik A.S. is a nationwide IT,CE, Security and mobile communications devices authorized distributor in Turkey. Koyuncu Elektronik A.S. has always been among “Top 500 companies” in the country.

Oncu Guvenlik Sistemleri Ltd. Sti.

Tel: +90 216 537 01 23

E-mail: info@oncuguvenlik.com.tr

Websitesi: www.oncuguvenlik.com.tr

Oncu Security System is one of the most experienced wholesaler with highly trained team, focusing on private & government projects. Company develops its own softwares to meet with requirements and continues to increase its product range.

Tesan Iletisim A.S

Tel: +90 212 454 60 00

E-mail: cctv@tesan.com.tr

Websitesi: www.tesan.com.tr

TESAN Iletisim A.S is a leading value added technology distributor in Turkey. Trusted by its partners since 1983, TESAN ranks among Turkey’s top 50 ICT companies. TESAN’s sales channel consists of 600+ system integrators all over the country for it’s security and network solutions and it has 16.000+ sales points in 10+ countries for it’s consumer electronics products.