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Nombre del Software Hikvision Client Software iVMS-4000 v2.03.00.0000.100819
Tamaño de Software 40.17MB
Descripción de Software
The iVMS-4000(V2.0) is the client application specially developed for the embedded DVR. It is applicable to DVR, DVS, 7600 series NVR and hybrid NVR, 95/9600 series NVR, IP Camera, IP Dome, decode card and accessing iVMS-2000.
Update Contents
New button 'Show Channel State' on Preview Area
Delete button 'Quit Full Screen'. Press Esc to quit full screen
Local Playback support 16 channels playback synchronously
Remote VOD support 16 channels playback
New options Device Disk and NVR added to Remote VOD
New options Schedule recording and Motion detection added to NVR playback
New download mode Download Files by Time
New fuction showing percentage of file downloaded
New exception Video Signal Exception added
Alarm image pop-up when minimize client software
Up to 36000 local logs can be searched and displayed
Start Wizard
Font color of Start Wizard changed to red
Default area node named 'Monitor area'
Alarm sound defaultly use sound card
Remote setting
Enable DST setting
Enable WIFI parameter setting
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