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Nombre del Software HIKVISION NVR Server V2.01.04
Tamaño de Software 14.48MB
Descripción de Software
The NVR Server realizes the centralized storage of the surveillance recording files. It gets the video data stream by connecting the device directly or using stream media server, save these data in pre-allocated disc spaces in the data block form, and save the recording file information by the disc‘s data index files. This software has VOD Server inside, and provides the interface for remote searching, so it is convenient to playback particular recordings remotely.

The NVR Server mainly has the following functions:
1. Group the partitions. Manage the recording data by disc pre-allocation technology.
2. Support the adjustment of basic running parameters of the Server.
3. Set the recording plan with half an hour as the unit.
4. Provide friendly management interface for the record plan.
5. Have a VOD Server inside. Provide the remote search and VOD function for the recording data.
6. Support remote operations as setting the record plan, starting or stopping recording manually.
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