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Hikvision Provides Top Security for Tejarat Bank in Iran

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Tejarat Bank is one of the biggest banks in Iran. With over 2000 branches maintained throughout Iran, the bank needs to provide convenient services every day to hundreds of people in different locations, and to create a secured environment to safeguard customers, employees, and assets.
Considering the branches are located in different cities, a centralized surveillance platform that supports high quality video recording and high‐definition playback is highly required. It will enable security staff to easily get to know the security status in real-time, as well as to tackle against theft and crime externally and internally.
Tejarat Bank chose to use DS-8000HCI-S series Network DVR from Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the leading digital surveillance products supplier with the headquarters in China, to ensure absolute safety of the Bank. In total of 1000 sets DVRs are installed in all the banks located in major cities of Iran such as Masha, Rasht, Esfehan and Shiraz.
DS-8000HCI-S series Network DVR, Hikvision’s new generation digital surveillance product, has maximum 16-channel video and audio input, while 12-channel, 8-channel and 4-channel inputs being the options. Using the most advanced H.264 ACE (Advanced Code Efficiency) video compression algorithm, the product offers high-definition video quality with the resolution up to 4CIF. Besides, the high performance TI-DSP technology makes the product able to deliver real-time video with enhanced efficiency in data processing, so that security staffs in the bank can get to know the security status timely and take necessary actions when there is an emergency. And one of the highlights of the product is its stable and reliable operation particularly over a long period of time, which dramatically reduces the maintenance cost. 
"The state-of-the-art technology, ease of use and reliable after‐sales services make Hikvision's product a perfect match for what we are looking for," saidMr. Hamid Rajabi, one of the managers of Tejarat Bank. "That’s the reason why we decided to place another order right after the installation."

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