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Schools Learning the Benefits of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become increasingly popular at educational facilities. Although student and staff safety are the primary drivers of this activity, administrators are using the extra eyes to enhance safety in a variety of different ways. Schools want the ability to monitor student drop-off areas, for example ... ...


In the summer of 2014, the City of Philadelphia promoted the “Fun Safe Philly Summer” initiative to connect youth and their families to free and low-cost summer activities. The program comprised events at Recreation Centers throughout the city.

Hikvison’s Cutting-Edge Video Surveillance Solutions Reduce Crime in NYC

New York City, for example, had a crime rate that decreased by 3% from 2009 to 2013, due in part to an increase in use of IP security cameras and cutting-edge software that allows thousands of camera feeds from a single site to be accessed remotely.  Following this approach, intrepid property owners of low-income housing projects across New York City rise above the challenge of unlawful activity by placing emphasis on well-maintained facilities and on-site security teams that cultivate safety via video surveillance.

· City Surveillance
Shanghai Pudong District
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· Education
Massasoit Community College in USA
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· Energy
Furnas Central Electric SA in Brazil; Gulf and Shell gasoline stations in US
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· Entertainment
Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida; Xtreme Indoor Karting in Florida
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· Financial Institution
Tejarat Bank in Iran; Janakalyan Sahakari Bank in India; Ziraat Bank in Turkey
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· Government
Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Thailand; Military Command of the East in Brazil
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· Healthcare
Charlotte Maxeke General Hospital in South Africa
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· Industrial/Commercial
Rotonda Office Building in Slovenia; Oman Ruwi Hotel
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· Retail
Burger King in UK; West End City Center in Budapest; Kiwi Mini Pris supermarkets in Denmark
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· Residential
New York Apartments in USA
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· Transportation
Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train; Qinghai-Tibet Railway; City Bus in Ningbo
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· Venue/Stadium
Beijing Olympic Games; Shanghai Special Olympic Games; Football Stadium in Argentina; World Expo
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