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Hikvision Provides India What They Want: Technology and Ease-of-Use

"Before, my company sold a variety of different security manufacturers' products throughout India. However, now, we only sell Hikvision."
- Vipin Mishra, Managing Director and Owner of Microtek Electronic Industries

It takes a great deal of confidence for an owner to stake both the success of his company and his personal livelihood on one particular manufacturer. But, as Mr. Mishra attests, Hikvision is just such a company. "We have been using Hikvision products for the past 2 years, and the failure rate is almost zero. Beyond this, Hikvision's after-sales support is remarkable … we receive regular updates on new products and their software is also readily available."

Hikvision Secures California Landmark: A Tale of Impeccable Surveillance

Up north of Sacramento, in the city of Oroville, the Chinese Temple stands as a California landmark and an epitome of Chinese culture. Playing the role of a museum, it is home to hundreds of priceless Chinese artifacts, including embroidered tapestries, parade parasols, medicinal herbs, and gold among others. Beyond its rich cultural heritage, the Temple is also open to public and provides worship services for devotees far and beyond the city. Thousands have flocked to the Temple during traditional Chinese festivals to offer their prayers and immerse in its tranquil and spiritual surroundings. Its traditional architecture and intricate decorations have earned its listing on the National Register of Historic Places and as a key attraction by locals and tourists alike.

Sounding Hikvision Alarms at Alarms Unlimited

The legacy of Alarms Unlimited goes back well beyond the 1950s when the security company started providing security solutions to residential estates. Even though the company has since branched out to the commercial sector, it maintains its portfolio in its residential clientele. Among its recent projects, one in particular laid the foundation for its collaboration with Hikvision, a China-based surveillance technology company with a worldwide presence. This project was set in New Jersey, where several low-income housing projects were direct beneficiaries of the state-of-the-art technologies from Hikvision.

Our story begins with crime as the main antagonist in New Jersey. Residents in low-income housing estates were traumatized by the incidence of drug offences, robberies, and murders. So often were residents gripped with fear that public law enforcement services alone were insufficient to set their minds at ease. Even if suspected criminal activities were reported, law enforcers had no way of reviewing the scenes in the premises. Furthermore, there was a time lag between the time of reporting and their arrival. Although security cameras are common today, it was difficult to lay wires around the premises in a discreet fashion and integrate them into a larger system. It is no wonder that these residential precincts were in dire need of a foolproof security solution that could serve both as a record of incidents and a deterrent for deviants to engage in criminal activities on the premises.

Alarms Unlimited, with its extensive experience in the residential security market was entrusted with the task of securing these premises in New Jersey. And the long-established company brought in Hikvision by embracing its line of surveillance technologies, installing them as a part of the CCTV systems throughout these low-income residential estates.

Striking the Jackpot on Hikvision-Secured Grounds

Whether you are keen to indulge in a game or two, help yourself to a sumptuous feast at the buffet restaurant, or relax and enjoy a live music performance by your favorite artiste, New Mexico’s Santa Ana Star Casino comes to mind. But it is more than just a regular casino. It offers a great golf course, a 36-lane bowling alley and a ton of entertainment options for families and individuals. Needless to say, Santa Ana Star Casino is a hugely popular attraction among tourists and local residents in Santa Ana Pueblo, and there is only more room for growth.

Hikvision Helping Bangkok's Police Force Stay Ahead of the Curve

Right now, the streets of Bangkok, Thailand are testing a potentially ground-breaking development in police protection: Hikvision mobile security.

Beginning in late 2011, Bangkok's Crime Suppression Unit began placing Hikvision’s DS-8104HMI-A Mobile DVR and DS-6101HLI Portable Video Recorder in both squad cars and motorcycle units to achieve a wide array of security benefits. Most importantly, these tools have helped the Thai police force and the larger communities in which they serve.

Hikvision's Megapixel Solution Working on Brazil's Railroad

While the project Supervia Stations Surveillance System may not immediately resonate with some in the security-related industry, the location where it operates surely does: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is in the metropolitan region of what Brazilians simply refer to as Rio that a groundbreaking surveillance system was developed for the urban passenger rail network. This rail network, on average carrying 450,000 passengers a day, represents Brazil's first-ever megapixel surveillance railroad project.

Intelligence and high-definition safeguard the World Expo

World Expo 2010 Shanghai, another global event held in China following the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was a six-month trade fair which attracted over 73 million visitors from May to October. As one of the core pavilions in the expo, management at the China Pavilion looked for a comprehensive security solution, featuring high-definition (HD) image quality and intelligent video involving analytics. Hikvision, the leading supplier of digital video surveillance products, created a comprehensive intelligent video surveillance system including hybrid DVRs with video analytics features, HD cameras and speed domes as well as video management software to safeguard the China Pavilion.

Hikvision's Building Bricks in Romania

Hikvision's IP-addressable speed domes and IR outdoor cameras have been installed at Black Sea Suppliers'stores and warehouses throughout Romania. The company is the country’s leading building supplies company with a network of outlets and linked warehouses serving 6,000 customers.

Hikvision Makes an Exhibition of Itself at World Expo

Thousands of HD fixed and PTZ cameras from Hikvision have been installed in Shanghai Pudong District, China, the setting for World Expo 2010. The six-month-long event revived the tradition of world fairs and expositions of the kind staged in Chicago (1893) and St Louis (1904), a year in which the extravaganza also played host to the Olympic Games.

Hikvision Serves Oman Ruwi Hotel with Comprehensive Solution

Located in the heart of Muscat, the capital of Oman, the three-star Ruwi Hotel overlooks the city's main business district. With its classic fortress style architecture, the hotel is sought after by many business travelers and enthusiastic holidaymakers who enjoy its traditional Omani hospitality complemented by international service standards.

Hikvision's CCTV Solution Kicks off Surveillance at Football Stadium

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, known simply as Boca Juniors or Boca, is a popular Argentine sports club, best known for its football team. Their home field, Estadio Alberto J. Armando stadium, accommodates 50,000 people. To protect the stadium and ensure the smooth running of games and events, a comprehensive surveillance solution was needed.

Hikvision Video Surveillance System Secures Ningbo City Bus

The Ningbo City Bus mobile surveillance project, one of the largest transportation installations in China, covers more than 3,600 buses belonging to 14 transportation companies in Ningbo city. The Ningbo Transportation Department faced many of the common problems with security on their buses. They needed to protect their assets and provide for the safety and security of passengers and drivers. Their security system needed to provide evidence in the event of theft or injury, help to settle disputes between passengers and staff.

Hikvision Takes US Route 1

Megapixel cameras and video compression cards from Hikvision are being used at petrol stations on a major American motorway, the north-south highway 'US Route 1' in Massachusetts. The filling stations are Gulf and Shell outlets on Boston's North Shore.

Hikvision Protects Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Thailand

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) of Thailand plays an important role in developing and managing fair trade and competition in Thailand. In particular, they are in charge of trade, consumer protection, intellectual property protection and entrepreneurship.

Hikvision Enhances Security Level of Furnas Central Electric SA in Brazil

Furnas Central Electric SA (FURNAS) delivers electricity to 51% of households in the southeastern and mid-western regions of Brazil. It is a leading energy company specializing in building and operating electrical power plants and transmission systems, connecting eight states and the Federal District.

Hikvision in Pole Position at Karting Circuit

Hikvision's H.264 compression cards are being used in Florida at a $4m karting and leisure venue. Xtreme Indoor Karting in Fort Lauderdale features a half-mile asphalt track and vehicles that reach speeds of 45 mph. The facility is monitored by a combination of PTZ and dome cameras reporting to custom-built PC-based recorders using the Hikvision dual-stream compression cards.

Hikvision on the Malls in Denmark

Hikvision's two-megapixel network cameras are being used at supermarkets across Denmark to reduce theft and protect staff. The client, Kiwi Mini Pris, is a discount shopping chain with over 500 outlets throughout Denmark and Norway. In Denmark the stores are run on a franchise system with each location having its own identity.

Hikvision Gives All-round View at Rotonda, Slovenia

Hikvision's two-megapixel network cameras are being used at the Rotonda building in Ljubljana, a new-build commercial development in the Slovenian capital overlooking the Alps. The 15,000 square meter tower block is divided into two sections with separate entrances and foyer areas that require extensive CCTV monitoring and access control. Individual business units on each of the five floors are occupied by international banks, software houses and law firms. Flexibility of configuration and quality of IT infrastructure have been principal concerns in construction, with the Hikvision digital surveillance solution being an integral part of this offering.

Hikvision on Door Duty in New York

Hikvision's video compression cards are being used at a prestigious residential building in New York. The block is one of a set of three adjoining riverfront structures in Manhattan that has attracted residents such as Calvin Klein and Nicole Kidman.

Hikvision DVR Improves Security for Ziraat Bank in Turkey

With branches and ATMs located in over 2,000 different locations in the 81 provinces of Turkey, Ziraat Bank is the largest in the country and offers congenial, high-quality service to a million and a half customers every day. Due to a high level of cash flow as well as large numbers of customers...

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