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iVMS-5200 Professional

The iVMS-5200 Professional is dedicated to providing reliable video solutions, featuring central management, third-party integration, and a failover mechanism. Targeting medium to large-scale deployments, Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional boasts a unified platform that manages sub-modules including video modules, mobile surveillance modules, parking modules, and smart wall modules, among others.

Central Management for Scalable Deployment and Multiple Modules

•Supports up to 10,240 channels for medium to large-scale and multiple-site deployment

•Unified management for Mobile Surveillance, ANPR and Smart Wall modules

•Supports cross-module alarm for efficient event handling

Secure and Efficient System Management

•Access permission control for various system users

•Integrate with Windows Active Directory account as CCTV system user for a coherent, company-wide HR policy

•Handle instant alarm and search related video evidence efficiently

•Edge storage, distributed DVR/NVR storage, and unique Central Video Recorder (CVR) available

•Play back intrusion and line-crossing video footage via VCA search 

System Stability and Video Footage Assurance

•Prevents service interruption and CMS data loss with the RoseReplicatorPlus™ failover solution

•Monitors the channel/device/service status and alerts operator during anomalies

•Supports CVR N+1 and Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) to protect video footage

Make Wise Decisions with Business Intelligence

With the business intelligence (BI) report generated by iVMS-5200 Pro, you can transform the raw data into useful information for business analysis purposes, such as displaying Commodity Sales Volume from PoS integration, Mileage Statistics Report from Mobile surveillance module, and Entrance & exit Traffic Flow Report from ANPR module, eventually to maximize management efficiency.