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Hikvision Launches 700TVL DIS Analog Series


October 9, 2013    Hikvision is proud to announce the release of its new and improved DIS analog camera series. This release offers a further selection of cameras to suit a variety of applications. All cameras feature 700TVL ultra-high resolution by employing a 960H image sensor, and the effective pixels are improved to (976 X 496), allowing improved image detail.

WD1 Solution
To take full advantage of the high-quality images offered by the 700TVL cameras, these models are designed to be coupled with DVRs with WD1 resolution. This allows users to achieve an immediate improvement in the resolution of live or recorded images that can be displayed on a high-definition monitor. This analog solution is a viable alternative for customers who are not yet ready to switch to an IP surveillance system.

Finding the Perfect Model for Your Needs
The 700TVL DIS Analog series has been designed to cater to the majority of customers' needs by including great functionality and providing the biggest bang for your buck! Specifically, all the models offer a minimum illumination of 0.1 Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux with IR), while providing different IR ranges (20m, 40m, 80m) to give consumers additional options. Additionally, the EXIR camera models (DS-2CE16A2P(N)-IT1/IT3/IT5 bullet and DS-2CE56A2P(N)-IT1/IT3 dome) feature Hikvision’s excellent EXIR infrared array technology to  provide the finest illuminators and enhanced low-light performance for any zero-dark environment - regardless of indoors or out.

Two IR vari-focal models (DS-2CE15A2P(N)-VFIR3 bullet and DS-2CE55A2P(N)-VFIR3 dome) are also included in this family. Equipped with a 2.8mm~12mm adjustable lens, these models allow users to operate at various focal distances to achieve different fields of view. Of particular note is the DS-2CE15A2P(N)-VFIR3 vari-focal IR bullet camera's incorporation of a unique product design for better focusing and zooming. Compared to traditional vari-focal models (which require users to use a screwdriver for focus-and-zoom adjustment), the DS-2CE15A2P(N)-VFIR3 is equipped with a detachable “Focus & Zoom Tool” to simplify these cumbersome steps. Users need only remove the cover from the camera and complete one simple adjustment to achieve their specific desired zoom in perfect clarity. It’s this easy! Moreover, the compact size and inconspicuous appearance of the “Focus & Zoom Tool” provides an additional discreet surveillance benefit.

In addition, the 700TVL DIS analog camera series operates effectively in a wide range of weather conditions. Along with IP66 protection, this camera is good-to-go in temperature ranges of -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) and humidity levels of up-to 90%. Available in both bullet and dome styles, customers are sure to find an option to best fit their specific needs.

700 TVL DIS Camera Models:
DS-2CE15A2P(N)-IR Outdoor IR Bullet,
DS-2CE16A2P(N)-IT1/IT3/IT5 Outdoor EXIR Bullet,
DS-2CE56A2P(N)-IT1/IT3 Outdoor EXIR Dome,
DS-2CE55A2P(N) Indoor Dome,
DS-2CE55A2P(N)-IR Outdoor IR Dome,
DS-2CE55A2P(N)-IRM Outdoor IR Dome,
DS-2CE55A2P(N)-IRP Indoor IR Dome,
DS-2CE15A2P(N)-VFIR3 Outdoor Vari-Focal IR Bullet,
DS-2CE55A2P(N)-VFIR3 Outdoor Vari-Focal IR Dome

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