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Parking Management


Function Overview

The Parking Management Module is designed for parking entrance & exit management. It helps ensure parking access safety with functions including real-time video monitoring, passing vehicle capture, LPR (License Plate Recognition), whitelist & blacklist, automatic/manual barrier gate control and remaining parking number display. It also supports record and search of vehicle information, traffic report and various alarm rules for management optimization.

Key Features

Efficiency improvement 

To meet business requirements, the Parking Management Module harnesses LPR technology and provides improved barrier control methods, which, compared with the traditional manual and ticket box registration methods, improves access efficiency remarkably. Post-event search and statistics functions are also available for added convenience. 

Security enhancement

This module offers 24-hour monitoring of parking entrances and exits with real-time video recording and vehicle snapshots, which facilitate continuous monitoring and post-event investigations. The module can generate an alarm when unauthorized vehicles enter the facility, thus helping to enhance parking security.

Widespread application

The Parking Management Module applies to a wide range of parking venues such as shopping malls, enterprise campuses, public parking lots, hospitals, and schools. It not only supports single parking lots, but also central management of multiple parking facilities.

Easy integration

Platform SDK is available for third-party integrations, as well as the programming guide, demo, and library files. 

What’s New

The Parking Management Module is a brand new, complete, and powerful business module that keeps the original LPR function and added whitelist and blacklist, barrier gate control and alarms. 

The license plate number is like a special Pass. The customers don’t have to stop to take/ put back a ticket, or show / wave it near a reader at the entrance / exit. Nor will they forget to take or lose it or give it to other people. It’s a great contribution to improving traffic efficiency and easing congestion at entrances & exits of parking lot.

The Parking Management Module is an important part of large security systems. It provides detailed license plate information, vehicle pictures and video record for barrier-free parking deployments.  It records parking duration as a basis for revenue. 

How to purchase the Parking management module

The iVMS-5200 Professional Parking Management Module can be purchased as an add-on for your iVMS-5200 Professional software, or you can purchase the Parking module bundled with the software. For more information, please refer to Where to Purchase.