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Software Name Hikvision Client Software iVMS-4000 v2.03.07.110114
Software Size 40.12MB
Software Description

The iVMS-4000(V2.0) is the client application specially developed for the embedded DVR/DVS. It is applicable to DVR, hybrid DVR, NVR, DVS, IP Camera, IP Dome, audio/video decoder, and iVMS-2000 client software as well. 
The iVMS-4000(V2.0) client provides the Decoder Application and Module USB Joystick options in the Help menu for user to select decoder control and USB joystick control.

Update Contents:

1.Add the module configuration selection for “Decoder Application” and “Module USB Joystick” in Help menu.
2.Separate Decoder Application client for operation by selecting “Decoder Application” in the Setup interface of iVMS-4000.

3.Search recording files of multiple days through the Decoder Application client.
4.Search type of record files for playback can be selected to NVR and Device Disk.
5.Support transparent channel configuration.
6.Acquire display, streaming and decoding information.  
7.Configure position, size and decode type for decode output windows.

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